10/24/23: Congratulations to Dr. Abhinav Diwan’s installation as the Charlie W. Shaeffer, MD Professor of Medicine.

On July 25th 2023, CCR celebrated Dr. Jeanne Nerbonne on her tenure as being the director of Center of Cardiovascular Research at Black Mountain Wine House.

Photos of the event is below:

Cardiovascular Research Day 2022.

Big CONGRATULATIONS to the 2022 Research Day poster prize winners:

Predoctoral Fellow: Kendall Burks (Dr. Stitziel mentor)

Postdoctoral Fellow: Mualla Ozcan, MD (Dr. Javaheri mentor)


Clinical Fellow: Jonathan Wolfe, MD (Dr. Schilling mentor)

Translational Cardiovascular Science: Junedh Amrute (Drs. Lavine and Stitziel mentors)

Cardiology STAR Awards

The four staff members chosen for the award exhibit exemplary performance and carry out their duties with integrity and dedication.  The STAR award is given in memory of our cardiology staff who held these characteristics. 

Leslie Boyer (Clinical Research Coordinator – Dr. Braverman) – Leslie is an outstanding employee and an invaluable partner to the Marfan Syndrome and Aortopathy Center. Leslie single-handedly organized all of the local databases.  She is quick to pick up new knowledge and language to understand her work.  Her rich new knowledge has translated to national coordinators requesting Leslie to educate and teach others around the country.  Leslie is described as having outstanding organizational skills and work ethic, a bright personality, and being kind, patient, and incredibly responsive.  Leslie is the “heart” of the research team that keeps things functioning, organized, and on track. 

Lisa Brinkman (Patient Service Representative III – West County Cardiology Office)– Lisa serves as the lead scheduler for our West County Practice.  She demonstrates the pillars of the STAR Award by being highly dedicated to her team and department.  Lisa puts the needs of her team first.  She can be counted on to cover an extra shift or adjust her hours to ensure that the clinics are covered.  Lisa is also adept at problem-solving and takes initiative to solve complex problems to ensure that workflows are seamless.  She goes above and beyond to make new team members feel welcome.  Lisa is described as having a unique skill set, exemplary performance, and genuine care for her patients and her team. 

John Murphy (Senior Scientist – Cardiology Research Drs. Diwan and Mann Labs) –  John works as a senior scientist and his scientific contributions have been invaluable.  He is the backbone of the day-to-day operations and has surpassed every expectation.  His cheerful demeanor and infectious zeal for science are appreciated.  John fosters a culture of cooperation and creativity in the CCR.  John is described as having a strong work ethic, dependable, organized, professional, polite, flexible, and willing to help others.  He always has a huge smile and a wonderful sense of humor.  In many ways, John is the ‘silent crusader’ and does a lot of ‘behind-the-scenes work.’  He is deserving of this award for his exemplary performance and selfless attitude to help others. 

Jessica Nigro (Staff Scientist Mouse Cardiovascular Core Laboratory) – Jessica is an integral and irreplaceable member of the Mouse Core.  Jessica’s work supports many laboratories and scientists across our Division and university.  The ease with which Jessica handles this process and with the many people is really something to witness.  Jessica is a thoughtful observer and enthusiastic student in learning new techniques and applying the knowledge to new challenges.  Jessica is described as efficient, pleasant, flexible, constantly multi-tasking, an advanced communicator, and has meticulous organizational skills.  Her work has become essential to advancing the scientific work of many basic laboratories in a spirit of cooperation and creativity.