Attila Kovacs, MD


  • Professor of Medicine, Cardiovascular Division

Research interests

Echocardiographic analysis of small animal models of disease.

Attila Kovacs, MD, is a clinical cardiologist specializing in echocardiography, with years of experience in one of the US’s busiest cardiac diagnostic laboratories. He is a founding member of the Mouse Cardiovascular Phenotyping Core, which is a high volume laboratory employing a wide array of imaging, hemodynamic and surgical procedures.

The Core employs an integrative and complementary approach to provide state-of-the-art cardiovascular phenotyping in mice through the use of extensively validated and uniquely customizable surgical and imaging techniques. Echocardiography is an essential cornerstone of these efforts. Dr. Kovacs not only has a broad background in cardiovascular imaging with specific training and expertise in mouse echocardiography, but he also has pioneered and validated a number of imaging techniques with important practical appeal.


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Phone: 314-362-8105

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