Nathan O. Stitziel, MD, PhD


  • Professor of Medicine and Genetics
  • Associate Director, Medical Scientist Training Program
  • Director, Center for Cardiovascular Genetics
  • Director, Translational Cardiovascular Genetics

Research interests

Human genetics of cardiovascular disease.

Next-generation genetic mapping in Mendelian forms of cardiovascular disease

We are interested in applying next-generation genetic techniques including high-throughput genomic sequencing to understand the inherited basis of monogenic forms of cardiovascular disease. We have focused on understanding the utility and limitations of these techniques for gene mapping in a variety of Mendelian inheritance patterns and are developing innovative mechanisms to refine cardiovascular phenotypes and improve mapping power. We are actively recruiting families for sequencing-based gene mapping.

Next-generation genetic mapping in complex forms of cardiovascular disease

We also have an interest in the inherited basis of complex forms of cardiovascular disease including myocardial infarction. Using a variety of techniques in human genetics and bioinformatics, we are involved in the genetic mapping of complex disorders and developing innovative computational methods for the analysis of complex genetic data.

Translational genetics

Our laboratory also focuses on applying insights from human genetics to improve patient care. We are involved in developing polygenic methods for the prediction of complex traits and clinical outcomes and studying the potential clinical application of these methods.


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Phone: 314-747-6267

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